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GodChat || Discord Community Management Bot

Focus on the things that matter

instead of focusing on managing your community

GodChat features a lot of automation to it. Once you have your settings set to the way you like, you can offcially sit back and let GodChat take control and manage your community for you.

Does your Discord community get banned often? Don't worry. GodChat does backups and restores of your community. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING will be restored. You even have the option to message all your previous members of the old community, and send them an invite to your new community!

Easy to use for everyone!

Commands, or dashboard.

Weither you like using commands more or prefer the feel of a UI dashboard for all your settings- we got you covered. We provide a command for every single setting you can configure in GodChat.

We also provide a very clean and responsive dashboard for the very same settings. You'll be able to see up to date information about your server such as members, average members joining per day, members per role, and even more!

Dashboard Quick Peek

The Bot Is Jam Packed With Great Features.

Complete Server Configuration

Easily change your server's settings with ease and a very UI friendly dashboard!

Full Member Control

This bot allows you to have full control over your community- easily. Mute, ban, kick, people straight from within the dashboard!


This Core is a premium feature! It allows you to backup and restore your server, along with having automation for it.

Full Analytics

Have you tried Google Analytics? This is basically that but for your Discord Community. You will be able to track every detail about your community, from how many messages are getting sent in each channel per day- all the way to what month has had the top amount of people join your server.

Happy users
Active users
Total active purchases

Features Quickview

Here is a quick list of all the features:

Member Commands

Members get to use all types of fun commands from black jack, role playing games, memes, NSFW, and even more!

Moderation & Administration Commands

You can easily moderate and manage your community with commands that allow you to secure your server with EASE.

Backup & Restore Commands

Backup and restore ANY part of your community at any moment. Even automate it. Bot settings, server settings, messages, roles, emojis, bans, and anything else you can think of can be backed up, and restored at any time.

Message Bot

You can message anyone in your community. Specific members, roles, or even the entire server. As long as they have opt-in to receive messages from the bot.


An easy to use dashboard to control all your settings in one easy spot, and even look at all your backups and give them a description.

Modern Design

We try to get the needs what all communities may need and mash it into this bot. If you need something, we listen to suggestions to be added to the bot and add them. We constantly update.


Because hosting isn't free

$ 0 per month
  • Member Commands
  • Basic Moderation Commands
  • Basic Administration Commands
  • Dashboard Access
  • Backups & Restores
  • Message Bot
$ TBA per month
  • Member Commands
  • Basic Moderation Commands
  • Basic Administration Commands
  • Dashboard Access
  • Backups & Restores
  • Message Bot
$ TBA per month
  • Member Commands
  • Basic Moderation Commands
  • Basic Administration Commands
  • Dashboard Access
  • Backups & Restores
  • Message Bot


We know you got questions, maybe this will solve them

  • Will I need to purchase premium or enterprise to get the special features dedicated to those packages?

    While the bot continues to be in Alpha testing; all premium and enterprise features will be unlocked to all free users to experience.

    Once we move to Beta, Premium and Enterprise will roll out officially for 50% off. Once we go into full release, this special discount will be removed. Any testers whom used the Premium or Enterprise during beta will get a special discount code for the full version.

  • Why get GodChat, and not a bot like let's say Dyno for example?

    Simply put; we are dedicated to keeping you happy and your community protected as you see fit. Think of other bots as putting locks on your house doors; whereas GodChat will be like getting a fully advanced AI home security system. You'll be amazed how smooth and powerful GodChat is.

    We also love listening to the communities needs and wants. We don't want to make a bot for us- we are making it to satisfy YOU and give you everything you may need in one entire bot so you don't need to add an abundance of bots to your community leaving more room for real people.

  • When is the dashboard planned to be implemented and usable?

    Honestly, this is long down the road. We need to focus on bigger projects like important features of the bot. Tickets, backups, and various other commands will be finished first and then we will work on implement ing the dashboard.

    You won't regret the wait though, that's for sure.

  • This website looks very beautiful. My community is in need of a website, do you make them?

    Yes. I have a dedicated team of web developers working with me and we can achieve anything you can think of within a reasonable budget, and hopefully reasonable timeframe. Send God#9442 a private message to discuss this more.

    Invision Community is my main CMS, though we are capable of working with Wordpress, phpbb, from scratch, etc. Thisninckudes cresting custom plugins, applications, and themes.

  • Can I hire you to make me a Discord bot?

    Sorry our stsff is dedicated to GodChat. We have no time to work on other projects.

    No matter then project or budget the answer will always be no to this in the forseeable future.

  • Do you have a Discord Community for GodChat?

    Yes we do, and a lot of pur communication happns there.

    You can join with this link -> Https://discord.gg/RYgC9EG


Here are some reviews from our clients

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